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Corum Admiral's Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber Black Vulcanized watch
[Image: Audemars%20Piguet%20Royal%20Oak%20Offsho...2CA.01.jpg]
AP Royal Oak Sea 42mm Champagne with 44mm Black - Compare

Audemars Piguet, 42mm, 26470OR and Audemars Piguet 44mm ceramic rose gold (26401OR) video comparison.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore replica, We will discuss the price, dial, bezel, case, crown, strap, clasp, and we will discuss the movement at the end of the video.

Compare transcripts: AP Royal Oak 26470OR vs AP Royal Oak 26401OR

Today we will look at the comparison of these two watches. What you see is Audemars Piguet, 42mm, 26470OR. What you see on the right is your right side, Audemars Piguet 44mm ceramic rose gold, 26401OR. Now we will compare the two watches. We will try to show you what the difference is, the similarities, and why you can choose one, or which one might suit you.

Case comparison: AP 26470OR 42m vs AP 26401OR 44mm

Let's move on, starting with the first thing, this is obviously the case. Now, the case size is from my thumb to the place where my finger points. That is the distance between the two points I squeezed. That distance is 42 mm. Now, compared to this 44 mm, the distance between these two points is that my thumb is pointing at a distance of 44 mm. See them side by side, you can see the difference between them. The one on the left is 42 mm and the one on the right is 44 mm.fake watches for sale

Chronograph Pushers: AP Royal Oak 26470OR vs AP Royal Oak 26401OR

Now you see the buttons here, these are ceramic buttons. This means that they are made of ceramic, so unlike ceramics previously made of rubber, these do not fade over time. Here, here and here. You will find that they are much smaller. I am going to take you there. You will notice that you will see that the black button at 44 mm is heavier and much larger. They have longer curves. They are also made of ceramic. I want you to look at them side by side.

Contour comparison: AP Royal Oak 26470OR vs AP Royal Oak 26401OR

The outline is the distance between my two fingers here, the index finger and the thumb. On this watch, 42 mm, it is 14 mm. It is also 14 mm when you compare it to 44 mm. The distance between these two points is also 14 mm. Look side by side, you can say that they are exactly the same. In terms of introduction, they are the same.Versace CHAMPAGNE METAL UNIVERS PVEBK005-P0018

Dial comparison: AP 26470OR Champagne vs AP 26401OR Black

Rose Gold 42 has only this configuration and another. This is a champagne dial. The 44mm rose gold is only the black you see here, at least as of 2016. You will notice that the similarity between the two is that it has a dial called Mega Tapestry. If you look closely at the dial here, you will find it looks a bit like waffles. That's because it has these small squares and is called the Mega Tapestry dial, which is a unique feature of Audemars Piguet.

Bezel comparison: AP 26470OR rose gold and AP 26401OR ceramic
The bezel is what you see here. The bezel of this case is now made of rose gold. In the case of 44 mm, it is made of ceramic, so it does not easily bite and sag.

Bracelet comparison: AP 26470OR rose gold and AP 26401OR rubber
Turn to the bracelet. In both cases, you will see that it has a buckle. A Tang buckle is my thumb pointing here. You will see this crocodile leather strap. In the case of 44 mm, you will have a rubber strap and you will also have a buckle.Bomberg replica watches

Sports Comparison: Royal Oak 3126 Sports
Continue to exercise, they all used the 3126 movement. In both cases, it has a 22-carat oscillating gold rotor, but this rotor is slightly different from the 44 mm rotor. They use 365 pieces and 59 pieces of jewelry. They all have the same motion except the rotor. This is a 44 mm rotor. You will notice that it is slotted and looks gray. But in fact it is still 22 carat gold. It's just a different color. It is the same movement we talked about before.

End of comparison: Rolex watch on the wrist AP Royal Oak 42 mm and 44 mm
If you are trying to decide which one to buy, I think it really depends on the size of your wrist. All I have to do is try the watch for you so that you can see what the man looks like on his wrist. This is 42 mm. I also plan to try 44 mm. Try this table and see which one is right for you. This is 44 mm. Of course, it is bigger, ok? This is 42 mm on my wrist. Now, if you like these watches, check them out on You can see these watches, and more. You can see the pricing we offer and a host of other cool things.Corum Admiral's Cup Challenger replica Watches

[Image: Versace%20MEN%20Watch%20PVEBK005-P0018.png]

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