Long Term

Tell your story

Your listing shows potential customers just how great your company is, and it's easy to keep it current. With photos, testimonials, and a document library, they can see why they should choose your business.

Visitors can visit your website, leave a testimonial, and rate your business. They can tell their friends about you through email, Facebook, Twitter, or many other social networking sites.

Get discovered

Each listing is supported by a banner ad that circulates throughout our site, to introduce your business to those who have not found you, and to reinforce name recognition with those who have.

The audience is here.

Bloommington Indiana Targeted Marketing

What do you want to tell them?

We bring students, visitors, locals, and their guests to our site through participation in local events as well as developing high search engine results for anything Bloomington related. We then provide you with the tools you need to get your word out as narrowly or as broadly as you wish. We provide long-term foundational advertising and short-term saturation marketing to help reach your business goals.
  • Long term options support brand awareness, by repetitive exposure to your company.
  • With a constantly changiing population, you're there to be seen whether visitors moved here today, or have lived here since birth.
  • Short-term saturation marketing options are perfect to announce grand opening, holiday specials, events, or even a run for office.

Below are examples of each kind of banner ad. They are all current, so feel free to click them to see what an actual marketing package looks like.

Short term

Shout it out!

High visiblity campaigns which show your message with a frequency that is hard to miss. Choose broad or narrow targeting, and long or short durations.

Sitewide Header Maximum exposure, displayed at the top of every major page.

Side Column Many views, displayed on the photo and game pages.

B2B These are only displayed in the client portal, providing the most effective reach for specials you have to offer other businesses.

Flexible Duration

Purchase ad space by the month or save by the year.

Unlimited editing

This can be useful as you try different messages, or if you have a year campaign, you can change your message to match your business process.

Choose Destination

Use your directory listing as a landing page to count responses, or link to your own website.