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Testimonials for Western Skateland

Western Skateland was and has always been the place to be! Back around 2002 was the first time I went and I was hooked. I seen the older kids doing things with their feet(jam skating) and I love it so I started going every weekend and never missed a weekend. Had over 5 birthday parties there. After awhile I bought my first pair of skates and learned how to jam skates and that's when everything changed. When you start learning to do tricks and jam skating that made me and my group of people even more addicted. We even made a Western Skateland Jam Skating team together. But that's beside the point, now I am just reminiscing but Western Skateland has had a huge impact on my life growing up. I think that every parent should take their child/children there and maybe they can experience the true love I have for that place. and if any of you guys that own the rink or work there see this. I thank everyone of you, without this skating rink I don't know who or what I would of done back then. Being at Western Skateland changed my life and I will never forget it! - - Sean Groomer
Each of our 4 kids have learned to skate here. Overall, it's just great exercise and inexpensive for our family of 6. We may go 4-5/year but always have a great experience from safety, friendliness, and fun! - - Theo Wu
I love western skate land. I have been going for 3 years. I learned how to skate and now, i'm teaching my little sister to sate! :D - - Molly
I've been taking my two grandchildren, ages 8 and 9, to Western Skateland for the last two years. This is about the best buy for your family entertainment buck. The staff is wonderful - very helpful and always in a good mood! And the concession stand does not over charge, unlike movie houses. - - Deborah Meader
I hadn't skated since I was in high school until this year, when a girl in my daughter's kindergarden class had her birthday at Western Skateland. I spent most of my time that day hanging onto the rails for dear life, and "sat down" unceremoniously a number of times that day. However, my wife, daughter, and I have since become hooked on skating, and go back quite often now. The rink is very well maintained, the staff is very friendly and helpful, and its one of the few places in town where people of all ages can come together and have fun. - - Dale Staton
We had my son's birthday party there. It was wonderful not to have to worry about 15 kids tearing up my house. They all had fun and were worn out by the time we left. And I had nothing to clean up! It was a great idea and I already know where we're heading next year! Thanks for a great time guys! - - Sandra McCormick
Awesome floor! My kind of music, nice place to skate. - - Josh Miller
I had so much fun at Western Skateland! The people were nice, the music was great and we had tons of fun playing all of the games. They really offer something for everyone. We'll definitely be going back real soon! - - Georgia Smith