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My son, John, had reported to me about how he felt better after a vibrator had been used on his foot. Three years ago I had partial knee replacements on both legs. Ever since the operation I have had pain in my left knee at times was restrictive and debilitating. I went to an MD who could not understand why and indicated the pain was not where the replacement was. So after I heard of John's relief I decided to put some vibration on my painful knee. Amazingly it gave me total relief. I have absolutely no pain on that knee now. I don't understand why, but all I know is that it works. Thank you Dr. Drummond for the lead. - - dr. david junkins
I was in need of more than a chiropractor when I came to see Dr. Karin about my constant lower back aches and upper back tension. Not only did she repeatedly release the tension and show me a freedom of movement I had forgotten, she instilled me with the baby steps I needed to revolutionize my own life. 3 months later, I'm 40 pounds lighter, my cholesterol levels have made monumental changes, and I no longer suffer lower back issues. At 32 years of age, what I needed was both the treatment, the education, and the motivation to change myself. Dr. Karen did this in a way no other indifferent medical practitioner could! - - Robert
My back pain was so bad that I couldn't even bend down to pick up my little 25 pound daughter. After only ONE visit with Dr. Karin, I had regained full mobility and now I can embrace my children any time I want. - - Gandalf Farnam
Under Dr. Karin's care, my daughter has EXCELLED in every way. Conventional care missed the mark for over 10 years. Our frustration was huge after watching my daughter taking over 23 pills a day. Dr. Karin analyzed her problem right away, has her on three natural meds and her problem has been fixed. Her growth this past year is well over 10 inches and her appetite is immense. She knows what she is doing and I trust her. - - Mark Mauck
Dr.Karin/Anna - thank you both for the back maintenance last week. I came in last Friday for an adjustment in the morning and a massage in the afternoon. I played a softball game that evening and, with all modesty, played a nearly flawless game at shortstop preventing multiple hits and runs from scoring. Without your expertise, I'm sure I would not have been able to get to half of the balls hit to my [thanks to you both] extended range. We only won by 1 run, so there was an extra emphasis on defense. Thanks and I'm sure I'll be back in the future! - - Bryan Hook
Dr. Karin's RRT (Rapid Repetitive Therapy) is amazing. In February I had an unfortunate encounter with a very sharp knife and had 5 stitches in the tip of my index finger. It wasn't healing 'properly' and the Dr just said "scar tissue - maybe it will get better"; I talked to Dr Karin about it in early mid-August and after the 1st treatment I could use that finger to type again. I can now (late Sept) do 98% of what I would normally do and it is continuing to improve. I am SO thrilled. This is so amazing - and the treatment doesn't even hurt! I just can't say enough good things about this. - - Pegi Flahault
I am actually using that finger to type this - I haven't been able to do that since the accident!! (In February) I am looking forward to additional treatments and getting it back to 'normal'. When you had talked about the treatment before I thought it sounded interesting and actually more for arthritis or joint issues or other than the scar tissue. When you mentioned that at the BRC it just hit me that maybe that would be the solution to this finger because the Dr doesn't seem to think it is any big deal and if I pushed I'm sure the solution would be some surgery that I just did not even want to think about. This is just such an improvement!!! - - Pegi F
I've played golf for almost 50 years. I started very young and have had a terrific time with the sport. However, the game has taken some toll on my lower back. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Karin. She is my first and only chiropractor. Not only has she helped get me back in “the swing of things”, she has given me some common sense suggestions on how to alleviate some of my back problems. She is holistic in her approach and gentle and caring in providing her services. She is very personable with a nice sense of humor. Dr. Karin is an outstanding professional and I recommend her with our hesitation. David Phillipy - - David Phillipy
Dr. Karin is an excellent provider. She is very intelligent, she is approachable, professional, and has a great sense of humor. She has kept me out of surgery and off pain medication for years. As far as professional expertise and judgment, she is at the top of her field. Drummond Chiropractic sets the bar very high. You will be impressed and feel welcomed. - - C. H.
I first saw Dr. Karin when I visited my daughter in October '09 in Bloomington. Dr. Karin gave me the most beneficial adjustment I have received for as long as I can remember! I have since proclaimed that I would have to go back to IN at least twice a year just to get an adjustment, even if my girls move away! - - Crystal J.
I recently moved to Arizona and I realize I will NEVER find a chiropractor like Dr. Karin again! She was amazing and I miss her and massages by Michelle so much! Last December I had a horrible pain in my leg and feared I would need to cancel a trip to Mexico for the holidays. Dr. Karin took extra time with me to ensure I made the trip! I had an MRI and saw several specialists first and NO ONE could help me the way she did! On one of my first visits to her office she also convinced me to stop drinking diet cola. I was drinking almost 6 cans a day and with her gentle coaxing I quit cold turkey! Anytime I'm in Bloomington I'll be sure to make an appointment for my special treatment! - - Debbie
I have been suffering with chronic low back pain for years, and was diagnosed as having a degerative disc in the low back. I tried pain medications, spinal injections only to get temporary relief. Finally I tried Dr. Karin despite being skeptical about chiropractic. To my surprise, it really helped after just a few treatments. Dr. Karin also told me what to do to prevent further aggrevation. When I lift something I shouldn't, she's been able to get me back on track. Thank you Dr. Karin - - Joe P.
Thank you for all you have done for me! After my car accident in 2007 I had chronic pain in my neck, arms and shoulders. Being allergic to pain medications and muscle relaxatants, I thought I would never get better. Then my daughter referred me to Karin. She had hear about her and her husband Dallas through BNI and she was certain that they could help me. Through Karin's hard work and help I am much better today. While I still need occcasional maintenance, I am no longer in chronic pain from my injuries. Her approach to my well being and her concern for me as a person makes Drummond Chiropratic not only the best around, but the only real choice for me and my family! I have made many recommendations to friends and family. Thank you Karin and Dallas!! - - Debra M West
I went to Drummond Chiropractic after I was involved in an auto accident. I have never tried chiropractice treatment before and I did not know what to expect. The folks a Drummond Chiropractic made me feel at ease and they were very gentle with me. After a series of treatments my neck and shoulders flet much better and I had the flexibility I had before the accident. If you are looking for a chiropractor, I would highly recommend Dr. Karin and Dr. Dallas. - - Tim Puro
Karin, your orthoditics have changed my life. Ifeel so good everyday! I can't believe the way my back feels. You are awesome!!! I can't thank you enough!!!

- - Jill Bowman
I recently hurt my back preforming a simple task. After a few visits to Drummond Chiropractic I was as good as new. I now visit them accasionaly to keep me strait. Very professional. I highly reccomend them. - - Carl Thurman
Drs. Karin and Dallas really care about the people they serve. Rather than herding as many people through in a day as possible, they take the time to get to know people and their needs. Many of my clients and friends receive their chiropractic care from them, and I am continually getting rave reviews of their service. - - Scarlett
I began seeing Karin and Dallas many years ago. In addition to the wonderful care they've provided, they also make a point to educate their clients about how to best care for the body in between sessions. I've always appreciated that. They are extremely knowledgable, intuitive and warm. I highly suggest their services. - - SKH
My wife and I arrived in Bloomington in 2003 and we bounced around so many chiropractors - trying to find the right "fit" - over the last few years.

We were referred to Dr Karin by a friend and when we experienced their superiour attention and skills, we must admit that she is the best in town (and we should know after trying out so many!)

One thing we always appreciate is that she is one of the few doctors that runs their practice ON TIME! One can sneak away from work for an appointment and this team respects the fact that they are not the only professionals in the world...they do great work and then get you back to your own profession in a timely manner. - - Alistair & Avril Blair
I have gone to Dr. Karin for several years and she has fixed several sport injuries when I thought they were unfixable without surgery. She is one of the best diagnosticians I have ever been treated by and she has magic hands. Dr. Dallas is wonderful too, he would often help adjust my stubborn hip when it needed a little more and he is the one who takes care of all of my therapy treatments. I recommend them to all of my friends. Thanks to Karin and her never give up attitude, I can walk without pain 24/7 and I hope to be totally pain free in the very near future.

Sheila Butler - - Sheila Butler
I have been with Drummond Chiropractic , as well as my daughter, for four years. They are wonderful in so many ways. They always take the time to make you feel as though you are their only patient, which is certainlly not true! If you really need to see them, they will make sure to work you in. I have scoliosis with a 38* curve, Dr. Karin has been very helpful with suggestions and 'as needed' appointments. I highly reccommend this office.

Sally B. - - Sally Bumbaugh
I have been a patient of Drummond Chiropractic for five years.I am always astounded at the knowledge and skill of these briliant chiropracters.
As a builder, lower back and neck issues have been a problem in the past.But not any more! With the skill and advice of Drummond Chiropractic Ive never felt better. Now I occasionally schedule a 'tune-up' adjustment whenever I begin to feel out of whack, and I always feel right back on track.
As a small bussiness owner I also appreciate that Drummond Chiropractic keeps their appointments on time.
Everybody needs to get to Drummond Chiropractic .You will feel better.
Thank You Drummond Chiropractic.
George - - George