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Testimonials for Bloomington Area Birth Services, Inc.

The BABS classes and resources were central to my birth and postpartum experiences and I am so grateful to have had them. The yoga classes, birth classes, breastfeeding support, and doula reference all helped make me feel as prepared as one can probably feel before birth. But probably the best thing was meeting other people becoming parents at the same time. It's been wonderful seeing our different kids grow, and often a relief to see our kids go through similar challenges (like toddlerhood!), and brainstorm ideas of how to help them and us through those times.

Friends who have moved from Bloomington have told me they wish their new community had a similar place. I feel we're really lucky to have BABS! - - Amy
BABS is a wonderful organization that helped me immensely when my daughter was born. It is a great place to be together with other mothers who are going through the same big changes you are. The support that comes from being with mothers and babies is the best! BABS is a great place to hang out, chat and nurse your baby. Stop by and check out their great lending library! If you can’t get the support you need directly from BABS, the helpful women there can refer you to the place/caregiver you need, since BABS is very well-connected in the Bloomington community. - - Bloomington Mama