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Testimonials for Bishop Accounting Services, LLC

Dave is AMAZING!!! He always has our best interest in mind and is so on top of everything! We will continue to use Bishop Accounting Services in the future. He is quick to answer emails, phone calls, and is so wonderful to work with. Very very very happy with Bishop Accounting! Thank you, Dave! - - Andrea Tomaso
My daughter was going to save a few dollars as a newlywed by doing her taxes with the help of tax software. At my urging, she had Dave Bishop review her tax return and he found that she had not claimed all her deductions and was due a bigger refund. Tax software can save you money on tax preparation, but it might not help you get all the deductions you are entitled to. My advice, ditch the tax software and deal with the knowledgable folks at Bishop Accounting Services! - - Tim Puro