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I think this is a great idea. I'm not 18 yet, but will try to join. I know the person who started this and they've been working hard on it. I don't understand, though, why it's so hard to get people interested in doing things for other people.I know a lot of kids 13-17 who are dying to help. If we are allowed to join, we could do a lot. How embarassing for the older generations... - - Janie Baker
Hi, Gina,
The election is behind us, and I was successful in keeping my City Council seat as an at-large representative for Bloomington. I'm very interested in what you are doing here. I also serve on the board of the South Central Community Action Program, and am excited about an anti-poverty program that is pending with SCCAP that will provide self-sufficiency services for low-income citizens. I also volunteer in the jail and have a concern for stronger re-entry programs for former inmates. Homelessness is another critical issue, and I will look forward to hearing more from you. I hope you will stay in touch about your efforts and introduce me to others who share your mission.
Susan Sandberg - - Susan Sandberg