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Medium sized star burst explosions (featured)

Medium sized star burst explosion? I havens seen these in years! ROSE! Stop talking about future! Sorry guys this is new and fab! ( at least in the future!) This new star burst can glow in the dark, have stripes, and tie die features this product wont be here long (maby in the past it wont) and it does mean that it will fly away at Christmas time, so better order now than not in a long time. I have to tell you about the striped. It has 4 white stripes down the back of the bracelet and it may not have all the colors you want so HEADS UP!!! If you choose the tie die bracelet you have to tell me what color that is needed on each side!


Color 1 (Glow in the Dark)

Color 2(Striped)

Price: 4.03

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