Sara Steffey McQueen in Bloomington, Indiana
Sara Steffey McQueen in Bloomington, Indiana
Sara Steffey McQueen

Bloomington, Indiana

Nature Inspirations and Spiritual Art ~ Watercolors, Prints, Pastels, & Collage


Sara's spiritual paintings are so gorgeous & ethereal; I am immediately transported to a place of peace & love & beauty!!!! Absolutely Divine!
- - KamalaDevi
I love the colorful spiritual and earthy images Sara creates. I have one of her beautiful art cards on my altar where I can see it & it brings me joy every day! Sara is an amazing Creatrix and Guide (spiritually & creatively). I have participated in many art classes with her and her style is always so inspiring. I wish I lived closer so I could come and paint with her in her studio one on one.
- - KamalaDevi
sara is the most light filled enthusiastic dedicayed artist. She is always willing to share her studio with her friends and encourage them in their art. I have spent many hours with Sara in her studio and have learned so much about art from her. eternally grateful.
- - sharon parsons
Since high school Sara has excelled in her art. Her work shows her passion and love for her craft.
- - Ellen Lane
Sara's work are intutive in there nature to make you take a closer look at what you are seeing,here pieces tell a story and you want to learn more about her as the artist.
- - Johnnie Belinda