Sara Steffey McQueen in Bloomington, Indiana
Sara Steffey McQueen in Bloomington, Indiana
Sara Steffey McQueen

Bloomington, Indiana

Nature Inspirations and Spiritual Art ~ Watercolors, Prints, Pastels, & Collage

Sara Steffey McQueen Landscapes

"Pink Path" Watercolor
The original painting is approximately 14" X 18". Signed and framed original watercolor (not... more
Home Portraits
This historic home is in Saugatauck, Michigan. I am available to paint a "portrait" of your place.
Signed limited edition print and cards of original pastel landscape
This pastel show the delicate light of the field and autumn landscape. My landscapes document the... more
Signature member of Bloomington Watercolor Society
This is a delicate impressionistic visit to a summer garden. Cards and signed, limited edition... more
"Winter Sky" cards & limited edition signed prints
Signature member of 2 watercolor societies. Work shown regionally. This is a watercolor of the... more
Lake Superior Rock Study
I have painted many poses of these beautiful rocks. These are in the likeness of "portraits" for... more
"Snow Dance" original watercolor
Size of this painting is 14" X 18" approximately. Framed $300.00 (not shipped with glass).... more
"Watercolor "Fall Sun"
Golden hues among browns symbolize the patterns and light of a warm fall in the woods.
Framed Acrylic 30" X 42" Monarda Didyma and Oak leaf hydrangea make for a cheery summer image
Yellow Poplar
Framed acrylic 20" X 28" Bright and lively fall foliage
Celebration Bouquet
Watercolor framed 32" X 40" Soft yet dramatic flowers in a full composition
Watercolor framed (sold)