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Western Skateland

Western Skateland


Do you love to skate? Is it hard to dodge the little ones? Do you miss the music of your decade? We have exciting news! You asked for one so here it is. Every last Thursday will be ADULTS ONLY RETRO SKATE!!!! Only 18 years of age and up will be allowed. Plan for a sitter, come enjoy some oldies but goodies and throw some groove into your date night! Relive the good 'ol days and have a blast with your peers. Kid free but not fun free! See ya there!

****We offer FREE WIFI through our partner****

Welcome to Western Skateland! A fun and healthy place to be from young to old! You can bring your own skates or rent ours for just $2.00. We offer fun games and activities during our open sessions. We play the dice game, red light green light, boys and girls races, shoot the duck, limbo, fast skate, jam skate, and many others! There is also a game room, so we have all age groups covered. Need to help the kids skate but not really steady on skates yourself? Not a problem! You're more than welcome to accompany your child out on the floor with your shoes on. We do recommend you stay in the middle or on the outside edge for everyone's safety. Just coming to bring the kids out for a fun night? You can set up back in our concession area with your laptop, school work, or a good book where you can see all the action from your seat.

We also offer birthday parties with a birthday rate, party area, and a place to store your cake, ice cream, presents, balloons, etc... We also offer private parties so you can rent the entire skating rink! Give us a call for rates! (812) 332-7288

We also have PTO nights for all the local schools every Tuesday and Thursday night during the entire school year. PTO's get a payback of $1.50 per person and that really adds up! So check our calendar and support your local school!

Current Hours: WINTER

Fall Hours 2016-17 STARTS SEPTEMBER 6th!!!

Monday Closed
Tuesday 6:30-8:30
Wednesday 6:30-8:30
Thursday 6:30-8:30
Friday 6:00-8:30, 9:00-11:30
Saturday 2:00-5:00, 6:00-8:30, 9:00-11:30
Sunday 2:00-5:00

Summer Hours 2017. STARTS MAY 29th!

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 6:30-8:30
Thursday Closed
Friday 8:00-11:00
Saturday 2:00-5:00, 8:00-11:00
Sunday Closed

PRICES: Wednesday $5 for admission and skate rental
Friday and Saturday $6 for admission $2 for skate rental
****We only accept cash or personal checks****

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a party feel free to call us at 812-332-7288

Come join the fun!!

930 W 17th Street
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
(812) 332-7288

The ProShop is also open weekdays 9:00-Noon and during all sessions. Just give us a call ahead of time and we can set up a time to meet after noon if necessary.

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Western Skateland

I hadn't skated since I was in high school until this year, when a girl in my daughter's kindergarden class had her birthday at Western Skateland. I spent most of my time that day hanging onto the rails for dear life, and "sat down" unceremoniously a number of times that day. However, my wife, daughter, and I have since become hooked on skating, and go back quite often now. The rink is very well maintained, the staff is very friendly and helpful, and its one of the few places in town where people of all ages can come together and have fun.

Dale Staton


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