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Hoosier Photo Booth

Hoosier Photo Booth

Souvenir Photos for Your Next Event!

Our photo booth has more in common with a photography studio than a typical photo booth. It is neither a metal enclosure nor a cloth tent. Instead, it's a ten by ten foot black backdrop and a short side rail on each side. Guests don't have to take their own photos. We send photographer with our photo booth to ensure each shot delights each guest. The photographer adapts to different sized groups and different height guests. If someone in the shot is blocked by the person in front of them, has their eyes closed, or someone in the shot just doesn't like it, the photographer will happily retake it. And finally, to make sure these shots turn into great prints, we use a professional grade camera and printer, and the same studio flash used in fashion shoots.

2600 S. Henderson
Bloomington, Indiana 47401

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Hoosier Photo Booth

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