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Advancing Indigenous Missions

Advancing Indigenous Missions
PO Box 5023
Bloomington, Indiana 47407
cell: 812-361-5832

You could bring more people to Christ in foreign lands by supporting indigenous missions than if you went as a missionary yourself!

There are 6,945,000,000 on this planet. Of those, 3,450,000,000 have never once had the opportunity to give their heart to Christ. Over 2 billion have never even heard the name of Jesus. There are 24,000 people groups on earth. Nearly 14,000 have no one preaching the Gospel for them to hear. Someone has to be His voice to them. Revelation 5:8 tells us that every kindred, nation, tribe and tongue will join the song of the redeemed.

One of every three people in the world live in India or China. Most of the missions focus there to date has been in metropolitan areas, but both nations are over 70% rural. India has 600,000 villages of which 500,000 have never heard the Gospel. The most effective way to reach them is to equip the native believers to become church planters.

If you haven’t heard yet, AIM is very different from other mission organizations. We don't send Americans to live as missionaries overseas. In most places where the unreached live, westerners aren't even allowed. Additonally, the average American missionary gets a little over $80,000 per year. With that amount we can support 22 church planters in Russia, 33 in Moldova or 133 in India! They know the language, slang, customs, laws and culture. They can eat the food and tolerate the weather. It’s no wonder the indigenous are so much more effective in bringing souls to Christ!

AIM is also different from many other organizations with a vision to work with natives. We forward 100% of designated support to the indigenous. If the Lord leads you to support one native church planter in India at $50 per month, the entire $50 goes to them every month. We’ll send you a picture and a bio so you can keep them in prayer!

Our vision is to equip the indigenous to go where we cannot and reach those that have never heard the Gospel of Christ. We must relentlessly pursue every people group until the whole world hears!

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