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Surviving the Loss of a Child: Our Lora Beth

Surviving the Loss of a Child: Our Lora Beth

Our daughter, Lora Beth was a cheerful, active eighteen year old, full of life, full of love, full of hope. The possibility of her not living to fulfill her dreams never crossed our minds. Yet, on May 22, 1999, her life was cut short by an automobile accident when she and two friends were driving to a restaurant for an after-movie snack. No warning. No preparation. No reason.

There is no way to describe the pain of losing your own child. Children are expected to grieve the loss of parents, not the other way around. Overcoming the loss of a child is especially difficult, and it seems learning to cope with the loss is more likely than recovering from it.

Lora was very compassionate, and always looking to lighten someone's burden. Even in death she accomplished this, as four people are living today because of her organ donations.

We can find no better way to continue her memory and her ministry to others than to provide books, music, and links to other websites to assist others who are on the same sad road we find ourselves on.

For Lora, 13 Years Gone - by Jan Hernandez

Thirteen years.
How can it be
That you have been
So long from me?
The days seem short,
The years seem long,
And still I cry
The mourner's song.

Helena, Montana

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Surviving the Loss of a Child: Our Lora Beth

I too lost a daughter young to acholism. She drank to forget the trama she delt with as a child and couldn't share with me. She was 34 and very sweet and special. I miss her every day and I wish I could go back and take away her pain but I can't but I can urge other mothers to look beyond why your children are acting out and find the reason before you lose them. Not all kids are being bad they are trying to tell you something the only way they know how.



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