Twisted Limb Paperworks, LLC

1122 S. Morton St.
Bloomington, Indiana 47403
812-333-3151 Hours:

Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sustainably created since 1998
NOW Peddling Paper on the B-Line Trail

Handmade 100% recycled and seeded papers, invitations, greeting cards, school fundraising products, and our memorial stationery brand, Remembrance Tree Papers created in our downtown Bloomington studio.

We incorporate sustainability into everything we do and have some of the highest environmental standards of any paper and invitation company in the country.
100% of the carbon dioxide created by running our facility, employee commuting and business travel is offset with renewable energy investments. Water used in the papermaking process is recycled from our air conditioner and dehumidifiers. 22% of our annual profits are given to environmental and community groups. Visit to learn more about our environmental business practices.

Greeting cards, handmade papers and remnants can be perused in our showroom; make an appointment to order custom invitations, notes, holiday cards, or memorial stationery. Ask about our current schedule of paper making and paper arts classes.

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