Kitchen Table Talk

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In Kitchen Table Talk Beth Van Vorst Gray includes tales from her life experiences to make you laugh, cry, or just recall a wonderful memory of something similar among your own life stories. As she says in the Foreword:

"Although everyone has a story, we sometimes lack the words or concepts to describe the deep and elusive feelings roiling about inside that power our lives. I turn to books to help me define my path and have often taken a sharp, deep breath when I realized that the author has just named, or, in the vernacular, "nailed," a feeling I couldn't find the words to express. In sharing these insights and stories, my prayer is that they will touch someone in a spot that needs caressing, allow a new pilgrim to "see" his or her journey in a different way, or make another person jump with a start at an idea that hits a sensitive nerve."

Van Vorst Gray adds, "The brightly inviting cover and whimsical doodles on each page, created by Gudrun Wittgen Gilbert, an internationally-known scherenschnitter (paper silhouette cutter), will, hopefully, add a reader's enjoyment. Always looking for connections, there is a quote from a knowledgeable, or known, source accompanying each piece."

A heartwarming read and a wonderful gift
Perfect all-occasion gift for a friend
Ideal for Mother's Day, too!!
"Coffee Table" quality
Exquisitely illustrated
Great read packed in 32 pages

What others say about the book

"Beth VanVorst Gray has been able to convey both intimacy and wisdom in these familiar essays. She leaves us wanting more." - Nancy Niblack Baxter, author of nine books about American frontier history, and Vice President of the Writers' Center of Indiana.

"These tales put some balm on our dings and start us laughing at our dents. Stories have been carried in our hearts forever. Van Vorst Gray coaxes them out." - Sara Sanderson, author of Hugs & Hopes for a Century, and 2005 Creative Renewal Arts Fellow.

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