DONA-Trained Postpartum Doula

Bloomington, Indiana
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My name is Anna Haag and I'm a DONA-trained postpartum doula. I graduated with honors from Indiana University with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies, and I've been working with families, infants, and children for several years. My experience as a doula has included work with first, second, and third-time mamas, as well as families with twins and with premature babies. In addition to my work as a postpartum doula, I teach postpartum classes and workshops at Bloomington Area Birth Services and write for the BABS Blog. I absolutely love my work, and feel so lucky to be doing something that fulfills me and serves others. Services OfferedPrior to your baby's arrival, I can provide support with:- baby-related shopping and preparation of the home- assistance in creating a postpartum plan- care of an expectant mother who is on bed restAfter your baby is born, I can provide support by:- coming to the hospital or to your home to provide care and support after your birth doula goes home- accompanying you as you become more confident about taking your baby out of the house- coming to your home to assist with any of the areas of care* provided by postpartum doulas As your baby grows, I am also available to::- help you to find resources related to a wide range of parenting topics- assist you as you prepare to baby-proof your home* Services will benefit not only mother and baby, but all members of the family. Services commonly provided include: - emotional support and simply being there to listen with an open mind - education and guidance in all areas of newborn care, including common breastfeeding and bottle-feeding questions - care of the newborn and/or older siblings that allows mom to nap, shower, take a walk, etc. - assistance in keeping up with the household, such as laundry and kitchen tasks - in some cases, overnight support may be available

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