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Fulfillment, expression of ones own Truth, the desire to be heard, the need to say the things that seem most important to us, to tell our stories, to both heal and help to heal....... I believe the individual soul will search for these things in life to varying degrees. We all must find our own means to communicate with the others who share this human experience. I believe we look for these things both consciously and unconsciously while passing through the hours we spend in the often mundane reality we call life. I give myself to you with my art. In so doing, I return full circle to the center of my own being and find healing.
Through my artwork I make my attempt to share, to explore, to discover and, hopefully, tell a story of human survival that may in some way bring a little healing to someone else. The part of our sexuality and sensual selves that cannot be touched, mangled or destroyed by the violence of this world is a major theme in all of my efforts. Art and life go together for me personally almost as though the words have identical meaning. This is a journey, and it is my hope to mingle the steps I take alone with yours... there is strength and wholeness in unity. We will find our way through the maze together.

I grew up in a small southern Indiana town where I felt like the misplaced Zygote...the ugly duckling. I never seemed to fit in. I could not, would not conform to the conservative mold of the hometown natives. I couldn't stop myself from questioning the reasoning of the people....the things they, cultural beliefs. Stagnation overcame me. I felt like I was drowning in a cesspool of repression. My only hope of survival became my ability to reinvent my life story through my constant quest for creativity. Thus began my voyage into a passion for living.

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