Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe & Quilter's Comfort Teas

2620 North Walnut Street, Executive Park North
Suite 915
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
812-369-5357 Hours:

By Appointment, Class and Workshop Times, Open Studio.

The "Wellness Arts Cafe is an energy spa. It is an intimate place fragrant with Quilter's Comfort Certified Organic Teas, herbs and seasonings. The "Cafe" is settling into its new home! Make an appointment and come by to pick up your herbal, coffee, beer and wine jellies, art, cards and prints. Sign up for classes or make an appointment in our sweet new Wellness area. Call or text to request an appointment for Reiki,Chakra and Energy System Balancing, Ho'oponopono, Reconnective Healing, Green Lifestyle Coaching, Creative Mindfulness. We also have Wabi Sabi Arts programs and events to support artistic relaxation, joyful presence and general well-being.
Reiki, is a gentle, non-invasive Japanese healing energy practice that catalyzes the body's natural ability to heal. It is utilized for healing the mind, body and spirit, and enhances the quality of life. Reiki Supports mental clarity, relaxation, stress, anxiety and pain reduction. Research shows it to help in speeding healing and recovery from a variety of dis-eases and is complementary to and enhances the effects of conventional medical practices and wellness arts therapies. Reiki is for people, places and animals! For class information, please email us or stop to learn about upcoming events.

Other services Possible include - Green Lifestyle Coaching, Balancing Auras and General Body Energy Systems, Ho'oponopono, Presentations, and Other Alternative Wellness Practitioners, Contemplative Folding.
HART Rock's Arts IN is open to locals and visitors. Contact to register.

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