Inside Out Coaching With Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Bloomington, Indiana
812-336-4059 Hours:

I coach in person and over the phone between 8:30 am and 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

I love to help my clients feel better. Period. No matter what they are thinking or feeling, the powerful tool of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or "tapping") can quickly shift them into a better space. While tapping on about 9 acupressure points, we focus on an issue that evokes a negative emotion, such as anger, fear, regret, sadness, shame, worry, and anxiety, or a symptom, such as procrastination, overeating, and headaches. Relief is felt almost immediately. Deeper problems can surface while tapping, too, and then we have the opportunity to heal at a deeper level. With the tools of coaching--deep listening and powerful questions--plus the cutting-edge tool of Emotional Freedom Techniques, I help my clients feel better fast!

I am passionate about EFT because it works so well on so many issues so quickly. Instead of relying on unsteady willpower to change, our behavior changes from the inside out with tapping! Daily stressers are managed and attitudes adjusted in minutes. And since EFT is a self-help tool, my clients are empowered to continue their progress.

The Consultation

Always free and lasts about 20 minutes. We get to know each other and it's an opportunity to discuss your needs and how I might help you. We meet either in person, on the phone or by Skype.

EFT Sessions

I love to use EFT for a wide range of issues such as getting unstuck, phobias, cravings, relationship problems, decluttering and more. I specialize in using EFT for weight, stress, and trauma release. EFT uses are almost limitless. If you're not sure if I can help, contact me for a consultation.

Sessions are in person, by phone or by Skype.

60 minute sessions -- $90

90 minute sessions -- $135


I receive payment by cash, check, or credit card, or via PAYPAL.

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