Personal Financial Services LLC

500 South Morton St
Suite 025
Bloomington, Indiana 47403
(812) 822-2119 Hours:

Monday through Friday 9 - 5.

Are you or a loved one beginning to have difficulty managing all the bills, insurance information, and day to day financial affairs?

Do you wish to maintain your independence, but find it is becoming difficult to manage all the paperwork and bills?

Does it seem difficult to find the time to sort through all the bills and organize your files as you would like to do?

Have you received past due or overdraft notices, and just aren't sure what happened?

The staff of Personal Financial Services is available to provide assistance with your daily financial and personal needs. With backgrounds in banking, professional tax preparation and legal assistance, our team has the knowledge to help you, and your loved ones, maintain independence while knowing your day to day financial needs are being met. Busy professionals, elderly citizens, and small business owners- focus more on making or enjoying your money, and less on juggling bills and balancing your checkbook!

While the needs of each of our clients is unique, here are just a few examples of the services we are able to provide to you or your loved ones:

Tax Preparation

Guardianship services

Bill Paying

Estate Personal Representative services

POA Services

Trustee Services

Small Business Services, including bookkeeping, payroll and bill paying

We invite you to contact us regarding needs you may have for a free, no-obligation consultation. Together, we can determine what levels of assistance you may require.

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