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Western Skateland!

We have a very nicely maintained Olympic size wood floor. All natural, it makes for an awesome... more

We not only have a game room but we also play games with the skaters too! We have races, sock... more
"Dice Guard" :)


5 stars for style!!

Our resident artist....

"We're...too cool for our skates...too cool for our skates..."

Open Skate

Another picture of the floor....:)

Did you see the rail?

Our rail is kind've hidden but goes all the way around the entire floor to help out the beginners!!... more
Get ready...set....go!!

Our very favorite sock race!!! You try running on a slick wood floor in your socks....
So cute!

Normal Skate Session

Having Fun!!

The "Usuals"!!

These guys are what give our rink personality and sometimes small headaches! ;) We love our... more
Ouch! You go girl!!

Hey! No carrying kids while on skates mister!!


Our awesomeness is blinding!!

Slow down!