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Skaterz Edge Pro Shop Skaterz Edge Pro Shop
This is our Pro Shop. It's part of our skating rink that you will see as you first enter the... more
Jam Plugs!` Jam Plugs!`
We offer two different styles of jam plugs in almost every color! $5.00 a set, they come in the... more
Bags!! Bags!!
We offer four different bags with each their own style! We offer the chicago skate bag in blue and... more
Laces!! Laces!!
We have tons of different varieties and style for only $5.00. You also get a free set of laces... more
Metal Skate Case Metal Skate Case
We have a metal skate case that fits most quad skates in every color possible! :) Come in so you... more
Wheels Wheels
Huge selection of wheels from the outdoor enthusiast, recreational, or even professional skater!... more
Bearings and accessories Bearings and accessories
We offer different styles of bearings, tools, and oils for your bearings. Don't want or know how... more
Pom Poms!! Pom Poms!!
Remember when?? These used to be all the rage back then and are attempting a come back! Just $5... more
Volt Volt
Our very popular kids skate. A very nice leather boot with good wheels and bearings for the same... more
GT-50 Custom GT-50 Custom
This is by far our most popular skate. Why? Well, because you can get any part of the skate,... more
Expressions Expressions
This is the exact same skate as the GT 50 Customs with one big difference. Now you have a... more
Flames Flames
Like flames? Well we have them on our skates! Not only for looks, the flame skates are definitely... more
Vanilla Junior Vanilla Junior
Top of the line skates for the younger guys with a recreational skate price! Full leather upper... more
R-3 R-3
This is a great starter skate and is also very popular! Nice, leather boot with a nylon plate. It... more