Western Skateland Staff

Carl and Marge Carl and Marge
The creators of Western Skateland! We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them! (Literally, they're... more
Elaine  Owner Elaine Owner
Elaine, one of five owners of Western Skateland, has been an integral part in operating the rink... more
Dale Owner Dale Owner
Dale, also one of five owners, has been working at Western Skateland for nine years. Our main... more
Nancy  Owner Nancy Owner
Nancy, one of five owners, is definitely the rinks comedian. :) Loved by everyone, we always have... more
Eric Eric
Eric has been with us for a few seasons and is an excellent floor guard! He loves the kids on... more
Dave  Skate Room Dave Skate Room
Dave manages our skate room for the rink. This fun loving guy has worked here for a year. One of... more
Susan  Concession Susan Concession
Susan is also a concession employee and has worked here for a year and a half. Maria's mom, they... more
George   DJ George DJ
George has been with Western Skateland for 10 years. He usually runs the music on Wednesday night.... more
Hayes   Floor Guard Hayes Floor Guard
Hayes is one of our floor guards and has been here for two years. Great at keeping our "late... more
Allie    Concession Allie Concession
Allie has worked for the rink for five and a half years. Wife of our DJ, Dan, it's another rink... more
Tyler   Floor Guard Tyler Floor Guard
Tyler has worked at the rink for one year and helps keep the floor safe on the weekends!... more
Dan   DJ Dan DJ
Danny has been with the rink for nine years. While DJing he also keeps our Facebook link up and is... more
Jeremy Jeremy
Jeremy is also a vital part of our floor guard crew! He's all smiles and has a great time with the... more
Russel Russel
Russel is our super friendly, fun loving floor guard. He loves working with the kids on Sat and... more