Sara Steffey McQueen Spiritua/Metaphysical

My Studio My Studio
A self portrait paper mask sits on the windowsill of my studio. Most of my paintings are done on... more
Earth Priestess Earth Priestess
Acrylic 32" X 40" The Gentle Earth Protector holds her hand close to the earth, as she blesses a... more
Inner Reflections Inner Reflections
Acrylic 24" X 30" Faces of the Divine Feminine
The Compassionate Mother The Compassionate Mother
Acrylic 24" X 30" A lush jungle and great elephant support and guide this mother & child. A... more
WindHorse WindHorse
Acrylic 24" X 30" A woman rides a wind horse through the clouds as her long hair flows freely in... more
Her Creative Fire Her Creative Fire
Acrylic "30" X 40" The flames burn away impurities and old forms. Creative fire allows us to... more
Reiki Prayers for Healing Reiki Prayers for Healing
Acrylic 24" X 36" This is an image of the Reiki Prayer for absent healing.
Water Blessing Water Blessing
Acrylic 32" " 40" This figure rests in a cave entrance and allows the waters to refresh her and... more
Ashera Ashera
Acrylic 30" X 40" Ashera is an ancient goddess and she is committed to Nature and passion of the... more
Futs Lung Futs Lung
Acrylic 30" X 40" This dragon, Futs Lung protects the precious gems and metals deep in the Earth.... more
Night Angel Night Angel
Acrylic !4" X 18" A Night Angel watches over the young ones, as she flies high over the Earth.more
Listening Listening
Acrylic 32" X 40" This Nature sprite reminds us to really open our inner hearing so that we may... more
Holding Space Holding Space
Acrylic 32" X 40" As the duality and polarities of opposites meet us on all sides, we can be pulled... more
Ancestors Ancestors
Acrylic 32" X 40" As we look into the ones who have come before us, we realize how we are watched... more
Ceremony Ceremony
Acrylic 24" X 32" There are times we need a supportive Circle around us to witness us. Here a woman... more
Shekina Shekina
This is a meditational vision of the great Mother. Using pastels, I have tried to communicate the... more
Prayer for Peace Prayer for Peace
This waterolor / collage was inspired as a prayer for peace during the first gulf war in 1980's.... more
Lotus Mandala Lotus Mandala
Taking the lotus flowers into my studio, I added a mandala from Bhutan as the background of this... more
Ch'Ien The Creative Ch'Ien The Creative
Mixed Media lithograph print I Ching the divination of the I Ching, this is Hexagram # Heaven over... more
Tarot Arcana Tarot Arcana
32" X 40" Mixed media collage. Hand made papers, leaves and tarot cards.
Pre-Australian Journey Pre-Australian Journey
32" X 40" Mixed Media Collage, stamp from worm eaten tree bark & hand print
The Magician The Magician
This piece is 32" X 40". It includes objects and symbols for the second of the Major Arcana of the... more