Rusty's Lawn Care and Landscaping Recent Projects

Wood Fence Wood Fence
We build wood fence to your needs.
Snow Removing Snow Removing
We can handel all your snow removal needs. We remove snow from parking areas and sidewalk areas so... more
Before Before
Preparation is the 1st step to a great out come !!!!! Installing a nice neat underlayment for mulch... more
After After
We help you to create a natural landscape which accommodates your homes natural surroundings
Before Before
Digging out and marking the ground for your design is FUN!!
after after
With a few plants and mulch you can have a nice flower bed
after after
Digging in plants and installing a split face limestone edge Accents the existing surroundings
Designing and more Designing and more
We can help you design for a great look for your home
Maintaning Maintaning
We can help you maintain a beautiful look all season !!!
Colonial rock wall Colonial rock wall
Many times following the natural curve of the land is the best way to enhance the rock wall and... more
Rock Walls Rock Walls
We do rock walls!!!
All natural and manufactured styles