Ann Kreilkamp Gallery

Chiron's Hand Chiron's Hand
Sort of a pretentious title, but I made this painting by drawing the outline of my hand first. I... more
Burst of Joy Burst of Joy
I call this one of my "five-minute" acrylic paintings, though it might have taken a bit... more
As above/so below As above/so below
Acrylic. This was done in a fit of pique, in maybe two minutes. Wanted to loosen myself up, let go... more
Northwest Passage Northwest Passage
This was a very early watercolor, the first one I ever showed. I did it by working minutely from a... more
On the way to Carey, Idaho On the way to Carey, Idaho
Going east from Fairfield, just past the turn-off to Ketchum and Sun Valley, as you round a wide... more
Memories of Turkey Memories of Turkey
This acylic painting, another one where I framed up a small scene within a much larger painting and... more
Rose Rose
I painted this water right after I arrived in Bloomington, four years ago. Just now, I see it anew... more
Flame Flame
Description: If you click on, you'll see this acrylic painting as the... more
Sea-Sky Sea-Sky
This is another of my "five-minute" acrylic paintings." It reminds me of wading in... more
Creek Bottom off Rockland Road Creek Bottom off Rockland Road
Long-time local Sara Steffey McQueen and I sat on rocks next to a shallow creek in the woods, me... more
Self-Portrait Self-Portrait
That smudge in the upper right hand corner of this watercolor, done I think in 2001, reads... more