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Dining in Bloomington Indiana Restaurants
Dining in Bloomington

Bloomington Indiana RestaurantsBloomington restaurants offers one of the most eclectic collection of restaurants in Indiana. Since Bloomington is the home of Indiana University, many international students and their families have influenced the cuisine in the area, bringing with them a whole new definition of "home cooked" meals, as these family recipes are as likely to have come from India as they are from Indiana. You can find Thai, Afghan, Mediteranean, Turkish, Korean, Cajun, Italian, Tibetean, Ethiopean, Japanese, Mexican, and Hoosier, all within walking distance.

You're also sure to find healthy, locally grown food as well, thanks to Bloomington's Farmer's Market, and a large number of local organic farms supplying the groceries and restaurants in town.

Whether you're looking for a inexpensive place for a lunch meeting or a luxurious night on the town, our dining guide below will help you get a preview of each of the many restaurants in Bloomington. You can find the menus of each premium listing, a photo tour of their restaurants, and testimonials left by their satisfied patrons.

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