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Index of Local Parochial Schools in Bloomington

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2224 E. Third Street
Indiana 47401
(812) 336-5853
fax: (812) 349-0300

In partnership with parents, we, the faculty and staff of St. Charles School, guide our students in their spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. Dedicated to meeting the unique educational needs of each of our students, we provide an academically demanding curriculum in a nurturing Catholic environment.

The mission of St. Charles Catholic School, with Jesus Christ as our guide, is to teach the total child by integrating the key areas of human development:... more

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Clear Creek Christian School

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5405 S. Rogers St
Bloomington, Indiana 47403
(812) 824-2567
Clear Creek Christian School is dedicated to God's glory, high moral standards, and academic excellence based on the Biblical teaching that respect for the Lord is the root of wisdom and knowledge. more

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