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Spindrift Research

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500 Huntington Commons Road,
Mt. Prospect, Illinois 60056
Bruce and John Klingbeil isolated two imprints conveyed by some prayers and some placebos through experiment, theory, and the analysis of effects.

The two imprints are: 1. An imprint that promotes a goal. 2. An imprint that fits a need. How did they test them? They compared the imprints of goals against imprints of love and quality that subtly nudge toward order.

Bruce and John also supplied a new theory about why the human mind distorts our memories of spiritual and other... more
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Harbinger's Grove

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Bloomington, Indiana 47403
At Harbinger's Grove, we provide customers with a wide selection of new age accessories at the most... more

Heart Spirals (8 votes)
Bloomington, Indiana 47403
cell: 812-345-2169
Christine is a facilitator of healing, transformation, thriving relationships, and awakening joy.... more

Sylvia's Palm & Tarot Card

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1305 S Walnut St
Bloomington, Indiana 47401
(812) 331-1316

WellStart Labs

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Bloomington, Indiana

I offer one on one Homeopathy consultations. You can overcome dis-ease without drugs using... more

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