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Non-Profit Organization

Center on Aging & Community

55555 (1 vote)
2853 East 10th
Bloomington, Indiana 47405
(812) 855-2163

As one of seven centers at Indiana University's Institute on Disability and Community, we do research and provide training, assistance and information to individuals, families, professionals and communities. We work in partnership with adults who are aging with disabilities to promote their well-being, community-participation, self-determination and leadership.... more

Non-Profit Organization

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

00000 (0 votes)
Bloomington, Indiana

Non-Profit Organization

IU Continuing Studies

00000 (0 votes)
750 E. Kirkwood Avenue
Maxwell Hall 020
Bloomington, Indiana 47405

Non-Profit Organization

IU Department of Human Development and Family Studies

00000 (0 votes)
309 N. Woodlawn
Bloomington, Indiana 47405
(812) 856-7963

Non-Profit Organization

IU School of Education

00000 (0 votes)
Bloomington, Indiana

Non-Profit Organization

IU School of Social Work

00000 (0 votes)
1127 Atwater
Bloomington, Indiana 47401
(812) 855-4427
fax: 812-855-6110

The Indiana University School of Social Work (IUSSW) is dedicated to providing services that enhance the field of social work and the practices of not-for profit community based, legislative, national, and international service organizations.

IUSSW provides speakers on certain social work topics, collaborates with high schools to provide enrichment programs and services, and partnerships to engage in research and policy development in the areas of aging, family and child welfare,... more

Non-Profit Organization

IU/Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands

00000 (0 votes)
501 N. Morton Street
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
(812) 855-3095
fax: (812) 856-5600

The Eppley Institute Training site is dedicated to meeting the needs of recreation, park, and tourism professionals. We combine academic expertise with real-world experience to design practical solutions that work. Each course is custom-designed to engage learners and meet identified learning objectives.... more

Non-Profit Organization

Leadership Bloomington-Monroe County

00000 (0 votes)
101 W. Kirkwood Avenue, Suite 112
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
fax: 812-855-0977

A program to prepare emerging community leaders for roles shaping the future. Participants actively interact with experts and each other during mandatory biweekly sessions from October to April, and are involved in community projects. Applications are available at continue.indiana.edu. Must apply by early September. Charges tuition. Scholarships available.... more

Free Listings

Indiana University Christian Student Fellowships

00000 (0 votes)
1968 N Jordan
Bloomington, Indiana 47406
Experience all of the fun, excitement and challenges that college offers, while sharing it with other who share your values and faith in Christ. At CSE we care about each others that provide mutual encouragement as well as friendship. more

Indiana University Jacob School Of Music

00000 (0 votes)
Bloomington, Indiana
Weddings! Parties! Corporate Events! more

Michael T. Scarton, Attorney at Law

55555 (3 votes)
Shean Law Offices
1114 North College Avenue
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
fax: 812-339-5595
Personal Injury * Criminal Defense * Worker's Compensation
Shean Law Offices is committed to helping its clients through professional competency and personal integrity.

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