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Drummond Chiropractic, LLC (36 votes) testimonials documents
4712 East State Road 46
Bloomington, Indiana 47401
fax: 812-331-2792

Thank you to those who voted with the Herald Times. We were awarded #1 by the READERS CHOICE seven times, and in the top two nine times! Thank you for voting for us again in 2016!

Our focus is not only on decreasing pain, but on helping our patients obtain optimal health and wellness.

We have been located on the east side of Bloomington, Indiana since 2000.

Join me, Dr. Karin, for my workshop on Headaches, Neck Pain and Stiffness
Location: The Legacy... more
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Non-Profit Organization

Holistic Moms Network, Bloomington IN Chapter

00000 (0 votes)
4711 Compton Court
Bloomington, Indiana 47401

The Holistic Moms Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit support and resource organization bringing moms together. We are dedicated to facilitating grassroots community-building throughout the nation, offering moms the opportunity to create local chapters where they can find the support, friendship, and knowledge that are so necessary for successful parenting. We serve moms through our local chapters which strive to create a sense of community and to share experiences and resources among our... more

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Acupuncture and Herbal Health

55555 (8 votes)
901 S. Rogers Street
Bloomington, Indiana 47403
Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles, sometimes in conjunction with electrical... more

Alleviate, LLC

00000 (0 votes)
708 N Walnut St.
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
(812) 276-5941
cell: (812) 276-5941

Rehabilitation from Acute and Chronic Pain
Structural Massage Therapy
Relief from Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back, and Carpal Tunnel Pain plus much more.


Back and Neck Pain Relief Center (26 votes)
1710 West Third Street
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
Results with over 5000 Bloomington Patients over 24 years, in "Americas Top Chiropractors". To... more

Body Ingenuity

55555 (1 vote)
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
Providing nutrition, cancer prevention and disease prevention education. more

CranioSacral Therapy Center

55555 (1 vote)
5225 W. Vernal Pike
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
cell: 812-327-7521
CranioSacral Therapy uses the body's natural systems to locate restrictions and or injuries within... more

Healing Happens Here!

00000 (0 votes)
Bloomington, Indiana
I consistently find that chronic illness and pain stem from unresolved emotional issues, sometimes... more

Healthy Chocolate

55555 (2 votes)
Bloomington, Indiana
Every day, over 1 billion people worldwide eat chocolate; in fact, the average North American... more

Heart Spirals (8 votes)
Bloomington, Indiana 47403
cell: 812-345-2169
Christine is a facilitator of healing, transformation, thriving relationships, and awakening joy.... more

Holistically Sound

00000 (0 votes)
4328 Stone Mill Dr.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46237
Reiki Therapy is a holistic method of healing using energy contained in and surrounding the human body, mind and spirit. more

Inside Out Coaching With Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) (3 votes)
Bloomington, Indiana
I love to help my clients feel better. Period. No matter what they are thinking or feeling, the... more

Jane Bradley, Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist

55555 (6 votes)
400 E. Third Street
Suite 4
Bloomington, Indiana
Reflexology: It's not massage! Experience the difference.

Foot Reflexology is a therapeutic... more

Mystic Massage (24 votes)
924 W. 17 ST. Suite B (around in the back of the bldg.)
Bloomington, Indiana 47401
Now accepting ALL Major Credit Cards
$10 off on all new clients

... more

Osmon Chiropractic Center

44444 (9 votes)
1332 W. Arch Haven Ave.
Bloomington, Indiana 47403
(812) 333-7447
fax: (812) 333-7442
The Osmon Chiropractic Center is a state of the art facility offerring the latest advancements in... more

Pain Clinic

00000 (0 votes)
100 N. Curry Pike
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
Got Pain  more

Path of the Woods Healing

00000 (0 votes)
8391 North Hotel St
Ellettsville, Indiana 47464
I have been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1987. I offer herbal therapies,... more

Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe & Quilter's Comfort Teas

55555 (3 votes)
2620 North Walnut Street, Executive Park North
Suite 915
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
The "Wellness Arts Cafe is an energy spa. It is an intimate place fragrant with Quilter's Comfort... more

Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts

55555 (3 votes)
2620 North Walnut street, Executive Park North
Suite 915
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
Healing with SPIRIT Practitioner, Rev. Patricia C. Coleman is a Reiki Seichem Master Teacher... more

Scarlett Winters, N.D.

55555 (9 votes)
PO Box 8685
Bloomington, Indiana 47407
Scarlett Winters, N.D., is an ANCB certified traditional naturopath. She has been working in the... more

That's the Rub Massage Therapy Center

55555 (2 votes)
205 N. College Ave., Suite 160
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
That's the Rub Massage Therapy Center is Bloomington, Indiana's destination for Results Oriented... more

Vibe Yoga and Pilates Studio (5 votes)
1705 N College Ave
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
812-335-YOGA (9642)
Vibe Yoga and Pilates Studio is a yoga school created for the holistic development of body, mind... more

WellStart Labs

11111 (1 vote)
Bloomington, Indiana

I offer one on one Homeopathy consultations. You can overcome dis-ease without drugs using... more

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