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Non-Profit Organization

Cardinal Stage Company

55555 (2 votes)
PO Box 1253
Bloomington, Indiana 47402

Cardinal Stage Company is dedicated to the establishment of a professional, not-for-profit theatre company in Bloomington, Indiana. Cardinal produces vital interpretations of established classics and develops ad produces original material of local interest and national importance. Cardinal scouts impassioned and exceptional theater artists and then champions their efforts; Cardinal holds that inspiring work happens when artists lead.

Cardinal is committed to the development of local... more

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ACME Records

00000 (0 votes)
3375 E Old Meyers Rd
Bloomington, Indiana 47408
Musical Entertainment of the highest quality, representing:
Monika Herzig (jazz piano), the Monika Herzig Acoustic Project (jazz combo) for classy entertainment and/or dancing, Peter Kienle (jazz guitar), Kwyjibo (jazz fusion band) more

Diane Kondrat: Actress

33333 (2 votes)
Bloomington, Indiana
I played the great role of Barbara in AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY at the Phoenix Theatre, Indianapolis,... more

Maria Sarah

55555 (2 votes)
Bloomington, Indiana
Maria Sarah started singing at the age of 2, started piano at age 6, guitar at 9 and mandolin at... more

The Friday Musicale

00000 (0 votes)
Bloomington, Indiana
Since its founding in 1898, the NFMC has grown into one of the world's largest music organizations... more

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