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Topic: International Women's Day

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    Default International Women's Day

    Happy International Women's Day!

    Just attended the 26th annual Luncheon in honor of Women's History in celebration of International Women's Day. I left the event feeling very empowered and proud.

    I thought it would be interesting to hear stories about what Women have influenced your lives and how. I would like to hear from both Women and Men.

    I am having trouble identifying just one woman that influenced me. However, one that came to mind was Beth Murray APRN. She is the Director of Nursing at Centerstone (CBH when I worked there). Beth is a very strong and unapologetic woman. It seemed as though she always had a level head and kept a good balance between leisure, family and work.

    Another woman (or future woman) is my daughter Avery. She may be only 5 but she has changed my life. Already, she has the makings of a strong, intelligent woman who will be able to accomplish anything she puts her mind to. She lets me see the world through a child's eye - which most of us need to spend more time doing. Yesterday, when I lost my debit card and I kept saying, 'man, how did I let this happen' she said, 'Mama if you keep talking about it and thinking about it that will make it worse.' She's 5. Avery asserts herself and her 5 y/o beliefs very strongly but immediately senses when something has hurt someone else and then tries to make amends. She wants things to be fair and fun - isn't that what we all want?

    And of course my Mother. She taught me what unconditional love is really all about. I owe her my life. Not in the biological sense. Nope - she literally CHOSE me to be her child and all of the opportunities that brings to a child growing up in the US.

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    Default Re: International Women's Day

    thanks for such good article, womens day is about rights of women and we all should know how to over come all problems

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