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Topic: Making a cell phone call when your battery's dead

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    Hey Ramsey -

    Your tip came in handy this week for me.

    I have a TV display at Bloomington South, and use a remote control to turn it on, since I can't access it directly. On Thursday morning, the remote wouldn't turn on the TV. I kept pushing the buttons, and nothing happened.

    The remote had been in the car overnight, so I took out the batteries, and foudn them to be quite cold. Remembering your tip, I warmed them up, put them back into the remote, and it worked just fine.

    Keep the tips coming!

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    Default Re: Making a cell phone call when your battery's dead

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramsey View Post
    Ever need to make a call and your battery has died? If you don't have access to electricity, you can warm up the battery, by whatever means is available , even if only rubbing it to allow friction to warm it up. The increased heat increased the chemical reaction in the battery enough to make a quick phone call. This is useful for emergencies!
    You can also use Airbook, an app on both iOS and Android, that lets you access your contacts on somebody else's phone in case of an emergency. Here are the links to it
    iOS free:
    Android free:
    iOS ($ 1) :

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