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Topic: birthday poems for seniors

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    Smile birthday poems for seniors

    A question---Does anyone know where I might find a birthday poem for an oldster who just turned 80? My copy was on a diskette and is no longer accessible. The first part began---Today, dear Lord, I'm 80 and so much I haven't done. I hope, dear Lord, you'll let me live 'til I'm 81?.............

    I have the one for 90 years . The one for an 80 year old was similar. Can anyone help? I would appreciate it.


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    Hi Ferne -

    I found a couple of variations on it. Several different names are given credit, have a few wording changes, and end at different ages. Not sure which is the "real" one, but maybe you will know.
    (asks to live til 89)
    (asks to live till 89)
    (asks to past 90)

    (asks to live til 91, and is structured more as a series of journal entries.)

    Hope this helps . . .

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    I tried Internet search but was unsuccessful.
    Thank you,

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    so nice to see that a lot of aged people are participate in discussion and give their view.... it's probably the 1st forum I've seen here... great work administrator and ur team.....

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    Default Re: birthday poems for seniors

    Thank you very much for this poem. I have needed one like this. Is it ok if I amend it to meet my personal need ?

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