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Testimonials for AAA Academy

My son has been a student at Triple A since 12/2013, I'm so proud to say that we're happy to be a part of the Triple A family. When we walked through their doors that's exactly how the staff made me feel. Since my son has been here I have seen a dramatic change in his academics, behavior, commununication, etc...... When we as parents and individuals feel like there's no help or hope, and when we ask God he's on time. Thanks to all the staff you all care dearly and genuinely! Tashenia Love - - Tashenia Love
Hello, my son is a student at AAA Academy, I must say I have seen some very good progress in his behavior and Academic Skills, although he still has a long way to go, this is the first school he has been placed in and he is making positive progressing. I have visit the school on several occasions and the school is always neat, clean, and a quite environment for children to learn. The staff is always helpful and nice, My testimony today is I am grateful that God Found a place that meet my child needs. - - Theresa Cooper
It is with great confidence that I write this letter of support for the Alternative Achievement Academy. They have been a positive and valuable addition to the continuum of services offered by my school district, Homewood 153. While we have our own valid Cooperative program there have been times in the last few years where that program has been full, or just doesn't seem to be quite the right fit for a few particular students. The Alternative Achievement Academy has always been available; positive and caring when approached them about accepting a student with unique needs. They feel every student's worth saving and go the extra mile to do so. I have never described a student to them who they feel is beyond help or value. I am also impressed by their after school incentives and that their bus drivers are people who work with the students through the day. They want to see children succeed. The Alternative Achievement Academy has been a welcome addition to programs for students with special needs. There are many students out there who do not fit the traditional style school, yet who need an education, social skills and a concerned staff. The Alternative Achievement Academy does this and more. When I visit there I see children working, getting hugs, and playing basketball with staff. I'm so glad they are near and available to us; our children truly benefit from their presence. - - Sue Shoemaker
Director of Student Support Services
Homewood School District 153
AAA Academy has filled the void in special education services for emotionally disturbed students in the South Suburban area. They provide a caring, structured atmosphere in which a child can cognitively and emotionally develop. They also focus on academics which provides the needed self esteem that is so often lacking in their environment The administrative staff is highly competent and reflect the values of society. This is apparent in the teachers and support staff that they hire. Each one is highly qualified. I have sent students to this school since it was opened. Each student has been successful in learning appropriate skills to replace those maladaptive skills that they had previously acquired. It was done with a staff that had knowledge of personality variables, support of the family and school district, and a caring, compassionate attitude. I will continue to enroll students n this school and support the school, in any way I can. - - Paula L Stolk,
Director, Special Education Office,
Calumet City School District No 155