Calendar Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your participation in sharing your event with the Bloomington community. Please take a few moments to read the following guidelines.

All Submissions

In short, the community calendar is here for residents and visitors to find activities to attend. For that reason, events that require pre-registration or require people to have attended previous sessions will only frustrate visitors if they show up to attend. For that reason, please only list those those days of your event the public can:

Examples: Iif your event is an eight week series, where each session builds on previous sessions, then list only the first session, if the public can show up that day and register. If your event only allows for pre-registrations, then don't list it.

Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are welcome to post as many events as they wish, as long as they are in line with the above requirements. However, if your events are so numerous as to overwhelm the events of others, we request that you have us create your own calendar for you (at no cost). To see an example of this event, if you click "Event Calendar" on our site, then click "Grunwald Gallery of Art", you will see how this works. An added benefit to this is that you will then be able to display your own events (and only your events) on your own website. Then, whenever you add an event to your calendar, it will appear on both your site and ours.


If you are one of our supporting sponsors, you are welcome to post as many events as you wish, according to the guidelines provided above. In addition, if you have a website with us, we can provide you with a calendar for your site as well. As above, when you submit an event, it will display on both sites. An example of this can be seen at the Western Skateland website

Other Local Businesses

Local businesses who are not sponsors, are welcome to submit occasional special events, like grand openings, anniversaries, etc., However, the number of submissions for non-member businesses is limited to a few submissions per year.

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